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Fireplace Berlin:
Budget Calculator Landing Page


Fireplace specializes in storytelling for digital media, 
develop animation concepts that inspire creative people and relax budget guards.
The Calculator is an online service that allows potential clients to get a budget estimate for the type of product they want. with just a few questions, it spits out a reliable cost figure for every CGI project. 

Visual Concept
UI Design

Visual Concept

The visual language is based on the logo type: Disassembling and reassembling the type creates a happy funny collage of basic shapes.


The icons, designed with the same basic shapes, are identified with the brand as "the Cha Cha Face": the impression one has when first discovering the mixture of mango cha cha's special flavors and textures.

These icons will be an integral part of the brand and may be displayed next to the logo or as a solo, but will always display the same shape style.


The shapes and colors creating the logo are actually an abstraction of the colorful and joyful dish. The colorful visuals create a complex and rich language, which on the one hand is free and airy and tells the story of the "free ingredients swimming in a bowl", and sometimes the pile of colors, clutter, richness and intense flavor explosion in the"Cha Cha" dessert.

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